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Bolivar Point Lighthouse Series

Search Light

Bolivar Point Lighthouse Series - Book 3

It's 1942, and WAAC Corporal, Pauline Lopez, is on sentry duty atop the Bolivar Point Lighthouse. Her job: to search for German U-boats, or submarines in the Gulf of Mexico responsible for sinking supply ships intended for U.S. Forces. When Pauline calls in enemy activity, the report is deemed a false alarm, and her reputation in the Women's Army Auxilliary Corps is soiled.

After meeting Pauline at a USO function, Army Air Corps pilot Captain Frank Chessher doesn't believe she deliberately called in a false report. He launches an investigation to clear her name, but he can't stop the rumors, and he can't force his fellow corpsmen to trust Pauline's reports.

The next time Pauline sees something that she knows is an authentic enemy attack, armed Nazi sailors are heading for Fort Travis where German POWs are being held. She calls Harbor Defense, but they refuse to help. No one is coming to rescue her.

Will Frank hear her Mayday call? Can he make it in time to save her from the enemy, or will she become a casualty of war?

Search Light Book

Released 2023

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Child of Light Book

Released 2018

Child of Light

A Bolivar Point Christmas Novella

Will Margaret's prayers for a child of her own be answered this Christmas or does God have something else in store?

After five years of marriage, Margaret's prayers for a baby have gone unanswered. When she and her husband, Thomas travel to Boston to help his ailing father, Margaret happens upon a desperate young woman, sick and lying in the street heavy with child. Unable to simply ignore the woman, Margaret makes the decision to take the woman in.

Condemned for her decision to help a woman of ill repute, Margaret does what she knows is right—even if doing the right thing sometimes has life-altering consequences.

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Redeeming Light

Bolivar Point Lighthouse Series - Book 2

When Sarah McKinney's father dies tragically, she takes over the cattle ranch on the Texas Gulf Coast. To save the breed stock and make a fresh start, Sarah is forced to lead a harrowing cattle drive to sell off the herd. Amid the turmoil, Sarah finds herself distracted by her uncle's young law apprentice, Frederick Chessher. Frederick is drawn to the strong woman who stares adversity in the eye and wins, but if he is to court Sarah, Frederick must end a relationship with a girl from Beaumont, Texas. He sets off. When a great storm hits from the Gulf of Mexico, Frederick rushes back on an ill-fated train ride. Will he make it to the Bolivar Point Lighthouse where Sarah has taken refuge, or will he be claimed by the storm like thousands of others?

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Redeeming Light Book

Released 2018

Northern Light Book

Northern Light

Bolivar Point Lighthouse Series - Book 1

Civil War has robbed Margaret Logan of all she holds dear, including her beloved New Orleans home and her fiancé. When her family moves to the desolate Bolivar Peninsula to manage a lighthouse that is no longer there, all her hopes for a normal future are dashed. Her world is rocked once again when a wounded Yankee soldier washes ashore needing her help. Despite her contempt for the North, Margaret falls in love with Thomas Murphy. As their love blooms, Margaret’s sister is overcome with neurosis, and her mind slowly slips away. Bitterness, psychosis and depression yield a decision fueled by contempt. Will one fatal choice cause Margaret to lose the man she loves and condemn Thomas to death?

Released 2016

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Max Tales Mysteries Series

No Bones About It

Max Tales Mysteries Series - Book 2

No Bones About It-Max Tales Mysteries Series-Book 2

Why would tribal leaders shut down the construction project? What did they find? Who sent the anonymous tip?

Jeannie McKay and Max join her friends on a goodwill mission trip to the Navajo Nation in New Mexico to build a medical clinic and a new chaha’oh (a meeting place or shade house).

Tensions rise when the missionaries accuse the Navajo president of wrongdoing. When Jeannie and Max dig deeper and unearth clues revealing the shocking truth, tempers flare. Can she find the courage to confront the forces aligned against her?

And how far is her adversary willing to go to make sure she stays quiet?

No Bones About It Book

Released 2021

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Puppy Ciao Book

Puppy Ciao

Max Tales Mysteries Series - Book 1

How far would you go to save innocent animals? Would you risk your life?

In the small town of Kerrville, Texas, thirteen-year-old Jeannie McKay has a notorious reputation for trying to right the world’s wrongs. When Jeannie and her best friend, Jonathan Wooten, rescue two purebred Weimaraner puppies found drowning in Johnson Creek, she vows to find out who is responsible. With the help of her small band of friends, Jeannie plunges head-first into solving the mystery.

Until she discovers … she’s in too deep.

Released 2020

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Puppy Ciao: Novel Companion Devotional & Study Guide

Max Tales Mysteries Series Companion Book

All-in-One Devotional and Novel Study Guide

Puppy Ciao Novel Companion Devotional and Study Guide will encourage and challenge teens and pre-teens alike. Each unit contains a devotional encouraging readers to take a deeper dive into Puppy Ciao and find the inspirational messages tucked between the pages.

Topics taken straight from the novel are based on real-life situations kids can understand and relate to. Worksheets associated with each unit cover a variety of exercises to accommodate several different learning styles. Parents and teachers will appreciate the guide’s uplifting approach encouraging kids to go forth in faith and meet head-on the challenges young people face every day.

Puppy Ciao Devotional and Study Guide Book

Released 2022

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Other Works

Carrion My Wayward Son Book

Carrion My Wayward Son

New Series

Precocious little Danny had a desire to know more.

Father’s clever answers to his questions had always satisfied him.

Until ...

One day they happened upon a curious sight.

A bloated carcass, hideous birds, something didn’t smell right.

Danny asked, Daddy, what are they eating?

Daddy answered with words worth repeating.

Released 2023

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Lady and the Lawman

4 Historical Stories about Lawman and the ladies who love them

Texas, 1901

When a murderous bank robber threatens Fern Fisher’s life, she accepts a mail-order bride inquiry and heads for Beaumont, Texas. Only problem is the proposed groom, Jesse Stewart didn’t send for her. His memaw did. Will drilling for oil together produce a “gusher” of love, or will their pasts trigger a “blowout” for their fledgling relationship?

The Lady and the Lawman Book

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Out of the Storm Book

Out of the Storm

Short Story Collection

From science fiction to historical, fairy tale retellings to contemporary fiction, this collection of short stories offers something for everyone. Amish, aliens, angels, Nazis, elves, dwarves, pilots, mental illness, Christmas, teens, and dystopias—all written from a Christian worldview. So dig in and enjoy the following stories, and make sure to let us know which one was your favorite.

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