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June 2023 Newsletter: Welcome To The Hook!

As an author I have devoted much of my career to writing stories centered around the lighthouse at Bolivar Point. Until recently I had never visited the historic beacon that guarded the mouth of Galveston Bay for a century. Recently I received an invitation from Lloyd Maxwell, my father’s first cousin. My husband and I headed over to meet Lloyd and his companion Stella. We were given an exclusive, deluxe tour of the lighthouse. Unfortunately, we were unable to ascend to the top of the tower because it’s under restoration. Afterward, we sat on the verandah and discussed family history for hours. Lloyd is a historian and frequent contributor to the Chambers County Museum in Wallisville Texas, so he’s a fount of knowledge about the Maxwell family and all things about the lighthouse.  

After Lloyd filled my brain to overflowing with heretofore unknown family history he then turned his attention to the future of the lighthouse. Lloyd spoke about a nonprofit that has been formed by the Maxwell and Boyt families to raise money for the restoration. Another cousin, Amy Maxwell Chase is heading up the effort, along with Mark Boyt and others to preserve the property for future generations. The goal is to return the site to its glory when the stately Maxwell and Boyt houses were constructed including for the first time in a century a black and white tower. We fully support this effort. 

For more information about the lighthouse and details on how to donate to the restoration go to the Bolivar Point Light Foundation website.


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