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March 2023 Newsletter: Welcome to the Hook!

Cover Reveal & Release Date

It's 1942, and WAAC Corporal, Pauline Lopez, is on sentry duty atop the Bolivar Point Lighthouse. Her job: to search for German U-boats, or submarines in the Gulf of Mexico responsible for sinking supply ships intended for U.S. Forces. When Pauline calls in enemy activity, the report is deemed a false alarm, and her reputation in the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps is soiled.

After meeting Pauline at a USO function, Army Air Corps pilot Captain Frank Chessher doesn't believe she deliberately called in a false report. He launches an investigation to clear her name, but he can't stop the rumors, and he can't force his fellow corpsmen to trust Pauline's reports. 

The next time Pauline sees something, and she knows this is an authentic enemy attack. Armed Nazi sailors are heading for Fort Travis where German POWs are being held. She calls Harbor Defense, but they refuse to help. No one is coming to rescue her. 

Will Frank hear her Mayday call? Can he make it in time to save her from the enemy, or will she become a casualty of war?

Available for release 7-21-2023 Would you like to be a part of the book launch team? Email me at


South Padre Island, A New Lighthouse, a dolphin show, and No Trespassing?

In January, hubby and I decided to take a short mini vacation. We hopped in the truck and made the four-hundred-mile drive to South Padre Island National Seashore in south Texas. The first picture is a view of the island from the Queen Isabella Causeway. Next is a shot of the historic Point Isabel Lighthouse. Built in 1852, the lighthouse was in service until 1905. It is now a State Historic Site, open to the public, and owned by the Texas Historical Commission. Next stop, a sunset dolphin cruise.

Our last stop, Spacex at Boca Chica, Texas! As a Houstonian, living my whole life in the shadow of NASA, and following the tales of my late father-in-law’s work on the Apollo missions, I’ve always had a great fascination with all things SPACE! Imagine my excitement when hubby and I decided to drive an extra hour south to see The Elon Musk’s Spacex in Boca Chica, Texas. Where is Boca Chica you ask? Well, drive to South Padre Island and keep going south until Texas ends and Mexico begins, and there it is. We followed directions I found on Google to what was labeled “The Rocket Garden.” We arrived and continued following the map and the line of traffic into the facility marked “STARBASE.” When we stopped, we stared in amazement at three enormous rockets and one rocket booster stretching up to the sky! These were the same rockets that had previously been launched into outer space! OH MY GOODNESS!!

Sadly, our fun day was cut short by the Space Police who were none too happy to see us inside the production facility. Come to find out, we weren’t supposed to be there. Even though no one stopped us at the gate. We saw NO, no trespassing signs, and we were there at least a half hour before we were noticed. Anywho, the Space policeman deleted my photos, (obviously not completely) scolded us, and escorted us off the property.

After we were ushered from Spacex Starbase, we drove a mile or two further to the Spacex Launch Facility. FYI, for obvious reasons we decided NOT to get out of our truck!


 Until next time. Happy Reading, y’all!



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